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Tent Rental FAQ



The answers to these questions are general rules when renting a tent and do not apply to all renters.


Where can I set up a tent?


A flat area with dimensions approximately 5 feet longer and wider than the desired tent with 15 to 30 feet of overhead clearance is generally necessary. The area needs to be free of power lines and other utilities (both above and below ground). Stakes must be driven into the ground when a tent is setup. Additionally, with the exception of small pole tents, tent delivery vehicles generally need to be operated in close proximity to the tent site.


What size tent do I need?


Depending upon type of event, 10-15 square feet of area per person is required, additional space must considered when factoring Dance Floors, Addition Tables, etc.  Pole tents and hi-peak tents have center poles to consider when planning. Frame tents have no center poles.


How many tables do I need?


5' round tables seat 8 people. 8' banquet tables seat 6 to 8 people. 


Why can't I rent online?


Rentals are not offered directly online as tent and location specifications generally need to be reviewed before rental confirmation.  See above for general rental guidelines.  We can, however, offer secure online payment methods by sending a Paypal or opt to be invoiced via email. A deposit is general required & payment in full is required upon delivery.

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